Astarte – finished and for sale.


A new design, Astarte, designed with a slighty smaller body size and shorter end of standard guitar scale lengths. My three year old daughter helped me work on this guitar and is learning to be a luthier herself. Will she continue to pursue it? I don’t know,  but right now she is learning some basic skills and the process of building.

Technical details :

24.75 scale length, 24 frets, Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro pickup, Hipshot bridge, Sperzel locking tuners, CTS pots with volume and coil tap on the tone control. Bolt on five piece neck, maple and walnut.  FSC certified Pau Ferro fretboard with pearl dots, two way truss rod.  Walnut body and flamed maple overlay, finished with Tru oil.

The cap was challenging because I cut it by hand with a cheap coping saw and finished it out with needle files. Something I was seen doing at the local parks last summer. Thank you to the kids who were interested and helped. Gluing it was difficult because I was trying to avoid glue squeeze out that would be difficult to scrape from in the small areas.  I am trying to decide if I should take a different approach next time when gluing a cap like this.

The neck used some strips left over from cutting the sides of my acoustic guitar build, sandwiched between three pieces of maple cut with the grain at 90°to the fretboard. I like to save my cutoffs for reuse. The truss rod is adjustable at the heel, but this neck should be really stable. I also leave my finger boards a little thicker than the standard 1/4 inch minus whatever is lost during radiusing the board.


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